We live with 30 million intellectually disabled individuals who exist with no voice for their future.

At AMBA, we work towards building an ecosystem of learning and earning for these individuals using Information Technology, giving them the dignity and independence that they deserve.

AMBA's Operational Model

AMBA operational model

Creating an ecosystem of professional work that can be carried out by adults with intellectual disability is a job not just for us, but for everyone. Within the abilities of the intellectually challenged adult are visual matching skills, vocational skills, and adaptive computer skills. Harnessing these skills to deliver services to corporates and other organizations allow these adults to develop into and work as professionals. This is best achieved within conducive environments such as those provided by AMBA and her AMBA Certified Partner Centers.

Let’s allow them to learn, earn and live with their heads held high.

Social Entrepreneurs are not content just to give a fish or teach how to fish. They will not rest until they have revolutionalized the Fishing Industry
— Bill Drayton, Founder, Ashoka –Innovators for the Public