AMBA's Vision for change

AMBA is a Training & Business Hub for adults with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities using Information Technology, Peer Training & Peer Supervision.  

Intellectual Disability is a disability of the mind, with delayed developments that are diverse and hinder their capacity to go through formal education at any level.  Brain injury in many cases causes associated physical disabilities, fits and seizures. 

An Ashoka Fellow driven Social Enterprise, our ecosystem of learning and earning is adaptive, visual and functional, appropriate to their acumen, making them contributors to family & Society. Their lack of social skills limits them from working in mainstream companies, so AMBA collaborates with Special Institutions pan India & helps them evolve into hubs for learning & earning, using their infrastructure, administration & trainers, keeping overheads to a minimum. We call them AMBA Certified Partner Centers (ACPCs).


Innovative teaching methodology

1. The AMBA Learning Model uses innovative teaching methodologies, using Information Technology for training intellectually disabled adults to perform back office data entry tasks for Industry. 

The Founder of AMBA, Mrs Sugandha Sukrutaraj has authored the AMBA curriculum from scratch and further developments were made to the curriculum by the author by using the response from the peers registered at AMBA. 

Economic empowerment

2. For an intellectually disabled person, being employable is life-changing and economically empowering.



3. AMBA partners with mainstream industries as a vendor to render back end data entry services.

Supportive environment

4. Amba helps in creating an empowered society where the Intellectually Disabled can work on live client projects in a suitable and supportive environment.

AMBA hub and spoke model

5. AMBA's Hub and Spoke model spreads this learning and earning capability to organizations working with intellectually challenged adults across the country, and soon to the world.

Client Testimonials

We are pleased to inform you that the data entry meets our requirements and is completely error free. Appreciate the notes written by your team pointing out discrepancies in the source itself for our reference.
— Mitika Malhotra, Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy P Ltd. 11 Apple Heritage 54-C, Andheri-Kurla Road, Andheri East/Bombay, India 400 093 |
TTL have been associated with AMBA since 2004. We have enabled work to match the growth through our vendors in the field and we are happy to state that their output of work meets all mainstream standards to include 100% accuracy and timelines indicated. It gives us immense pleasure to endorse AMBA’s initiatives and endeavors.
— Jitendra Routray, Lead - CSR & Affirmative Action Business Excellence & Transformation, Delhi, Tata Teleservices Ltd
I have had the good fortune of empaneling AMBA as a service provider to carry out Data Entry work for Tata Teleservices Limited (TTL). They had earlier been handling receipt printing, mailing and dispatch for Karnataka Circle for three years. The experience in both cases surpassed our expectations. AMBA has proved that given the right environment and specialized interventions, it is possible to make even people with intellectual disabilities self-assured, earning members of society.
— Sangeeta Robinson, DGM Corporate Affairs and Sustainability, Tata Teleservices Ltd

Our Clients

Range of Services provided: 

Customer Application Forms/Welcome Letters/Receipt Printing/Audit

We have been servicing the Indian Telecommunications Industry since 2004.Customer Application Form Data Entry online and offline

What is Intellectual Disability?

Physical Disability
What Is Intellectual Disability 2

Intellectual Disability is a developmental disorder with extremely delayed milestones and very low cognitive ability. The challenge manifests in impaired ability to reason or recall, behavioural problems and very often results in all the associated challenges such as physical disability, seizures, speech and visual defects. The disability is seldom genetic, and for this reason it remains largely ‘invisible’ as appearances rarely show the disability.

The Reality of India’s Intellectually Challenged



30 million intellectually challenged adults in India with IQs below 80 live without the hope or capability of developing as professional, earning adults. Theirs is a life of existential dependence. 

The intellectually challenged community is the most marginalised section of society in India. Most government schools accept and patronise this community up until the age of 14, following which they are entertained through non-earning vocational practices only until the age of 16. Aside of the years of ridicule that AMBA has to offset, the challenge we face lies in assuring that this community has the ability to independently ensure that their future is secure.

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