AMBA's Operational Model

AMBA Operational Model

The Work Environment

AMBA work environment

AMBA partners with special institutions and employs the use of peer trainers (other adults with intellectual disability) to foster a supportive and encouraging environment. Intellectually challenged adults joining AMBA benefit from learning and working around their peers, helping with their development and state of well-being.

  • AMBA markets the services it can offer to companies
  • Companies collaborate with AMBA to provide data entry work
  • The intellectually disabled employees are trained to do the related Data Entry offline and online focusing on keeping SLAs set by the company
  • AMBA team handles the gaps to ensure the end to end process is delivered within the timelines.

The Visual Learning Process

AMBA visual learning process

The Scope for Scaling up AMBA's Operations

AMBA Scale.png

Training to establish a Partner AMBA Centre

AMBA training of partner centres
  • The Head of the Institution is invited to the AMBA core centre for discussion and the experience of witnessing the different levels of ability doing back office data entry at AMBA.
  • Thereafter one mainstream Special Educator and two peers with moderate ability are invited from each institution to train in Bangalore.
  • The training is done in batches of 6-10 institutions over a period of 5-7 working days.
  • Seeing the different levels of ability at the core centre helps them see the end picture they need to strive for and eliminates denial and apprehensions.
  • 80% of the training is done by low to high functioning peer trainers giving them an insight into the limitations they have to work within.
  • A sustainable model of collaborating with existing organizations minimizes cost of Infrastructure, time, and incremental fixed and variable overheads.
  • We use technology to minimize travel and communication costs. We have a web based curriculum that enables easy interaction, feedback and tracking of the training process.
  • We help the partner institutions generate revenue to cover the additional costs of training in-house.

The Work

AMBA back office data entry

Low risk, back end data entry work ranging from know-your-customer forms to census forms have been tried and tested with our intellectually challenged data operators.