The AMBA Core Center is the model center that researched and developed the AMBA Concept and Learning Curriculum. The Learning Curriculum uses a peer training and supervision model that has opened a whole new world of possibilities and self-sustenance.



AMBA’s Learn & Earn program aims at empowering the community of moderate to severe intellectually disabled adults below IQ 65 with developmental disorders that hinder their behaviour. AMBA’s training manages 90% of the behaviours.  Our network manages the rest. Good behaviour=Good Productivity!

 AMBA’s scaling model is a HUB & Spoke model where the AMBA Core Centre(ACC) at Bengaluru is the HUB and all AMBA’s Certified Partner Centres (ACPC’s) are the spokes. AMBA collaborates and shares the training with various special institutions pan India whom we call AMBA Certified Partner Centres. Currently we have shared the training with 411 ACPC's  and have the potential to complete sharing the training with 400+ ACPCs by March 31 2017. Each ACPC will select 20 adults with moderate to severe intellectual disability to undergo this training at their respective centre and scale to 100/150 within 3-5 years.

At the AMBA Core Centre, we have 150 adults who have completed the three phases of training and are taking increasingly complex data entry work and audit for clients. The total no of families who are impacted because of this ‘Learn & Earn’ model is 11000+ to date and we target to share our training to 150000 adults within 1500 ACPC’s by 2025, enabling 100% employment by 2030

At the AMBA Core Centre we have trained over 751 youngsters with 100% placement capacity within the AMBA Core Centre, other Centres in Bangalore and over 200 are working in mainstream scenarios.

AMBA's Targets to reach 1500 more AMBA Certified Partner Centers by 2025

AMBA's Targets to reach 1500 more AMBA Certified Partner Centers by 2025


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