Magic and Miracles

AMBA - An organisation that has re-affirmed for me, the fact that Magic and Miracles happen to those who believe! Two months ago, I got the opportunity to start volunteering with AMBA. I call this ‘an opportunity’ because I have taken from them much more than I could ever give back. Walking into the Core Center at Malleshwaram, Bangalore was like walking into a whole new world – A world I didn’t know existed. And probably, you didn’t too until you read about it here. That’s because, this organisation was focussing all of its energy on creating a revolution over the last 14 years. A revolution that could potentially change the lives of over 3.3 million people in India alone. This 3.3 million people I am talking about here, belong to a population that has never in the history of the world been considered employable, a population that has been neglected because the world just didn’t know how to deal with them.

So what does AMBA really do? If I were to consider the output of their work, AMBA is a Social Enterprise that does Data Entry work for Mainstream Industries. So what’s the Magic really? AMBA has come up with the magic formula to train Adults with moderate to severe intellectual disability, to do Data Entry work- now that’s where the whole picture changes. So think about it, if 3.3 million people that have never had jobs, find jobs, make a living and become contributing members of the society – it could indirectly affect the lives of each one of us, apart from of course directly impacting 3.3 million families. Money does make the world go around, doesn’t it? But, that’s not it. What I felt the very moment I walked into AMBA was LOVE!  Love that I felt from each individual who is a part of this organisation; the adults with intellectual disability, their parents, the volunteers. Just interacting with them made me believe that nothing so magical can be built without love. This love I saw flowing directly from the founder Sugandha Sukrutaraj, who has reaffirmed for me the fact that Angels do exist amongst us. I no longer see AMBA as an organisation; I see it as a movement, a revolution! I am joining this revolution and if you feel for this cause, check out the website and shout out to us.