Do you have a few hours to spare a week, with a lot of heart to give? Then you can make a difference to AMBA.

1. AMBA Volunteer

We need volunteers throughout the year to help with each of the following:

AMBA volunteer
  1. Communication: Social Media Marketing 

  2. Business Development: Client Procurement, Partnership Building

  3. Technology: Hardware Servicing, Web Application Development

  4. Fundraising: Events and Campaigns


To volunteer at AMBA please fill up our ‘Volunteer Form’ below and we will get back to you soon.

AMBA Volunteer Form

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2. AMBA Fellowship

We invite professionals with minimum two years experience in any professional field to apply to AMBA’s Fellowship Program. An AMBA Fellow is required to take on a high impact 12-18 month assignment, gaining dynamic experience in the world of social enterprise while contributing professional skills, leadership and strategic direction.

An AMBA Fellow typically has one main area of expertise backed by his or her qualification and profession. Fellows are considered consultants for AMBA and work full time in an engaging, challenging and demanding environment. AMBA Fellows are our assets, and continue their relationship with us throughout their lives. We do not seek prior social enterprise experience, however a strong lean towards change sets you apart. AMBA Fellows are accepted on a rolling basis, however as we are very selective, please pay close attention to our newsletters and communication material.

Eligibility Criteria:

1. Passion for social enterprise

2. Minimum two years of professional work experience with strong performance reviews

3. Time commitment of at least up to 12 months

4. Demonstrated ability to take initiative, work independently, work in teams, work under pressure

5. Strong leadership abilities in and outside of work

6. Technically strong (Excel, SQL, Networks), business modelling skills preferred

7. Examples of resilience, going above the call of duty and integrity

8. Demonstrate entrepreneurial flair and preparedness for challenges

9. Academic mettle and proved track record

10. Willing to be responsible for high visibility deals and proposals, prior C-Level experience preferred

11. Excellent communication, presentation and situational skills

12. For certain specific roles, there are additional requirements, these will be communicated to you if necessary

Please fill up our short Application Form below and we will be in touch with you. Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

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