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AMBA at United Nations - 16th IWP Conference , New York City

It’s a very proud moment to the AMBA  community as in early March AMBA was accredited and affiliated to the United Nations under the Civil Society Participation-Department of Public Information.  You can imagine our elation. 

On the 18th March 2016 we received a personal invitation asking AMBA to be present at the 16th IWP Conference at The United Nations on the 14th, 15th  April 2016.  AMBA will be introduced to the UN community by our Founder Sugandha Sukrutraj  at this conference. She has been invited for lunch on 16th April afternoon.

 These recognition's strengthen our mission to achieve AMBA's audacious dream of economically empowering this community.

 "AMBA's vision is about changing paradigms and mindsets. It challenges ones preconceived notions about the intellectually challenged and gives one a glimpse into infinite possibilities"